"First of all, people should understand that things are not always an application. You can use applications or exercises to show a person how things work, however, you should never think in terms of applications. The most important thing is that people understand that Wing Chun helps you to create certain behaviour and attributes for fighting."

Philipp Bayer

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Coming soon in New Jersey , with Brian Kwong.         Contact for more information.

Links :

Philipp Bayer       http://vingtsun.info

Brian Kwong       https://www.vingtsunusanj.com

Stephen Joffe       www.martialworks.com



"My goal is to eliminate the arms of the opponent out of the way to beat him better and not to stick to his arms."

Menorca 2 week seminar with Philipp Bayer  '17

                     Diego Guidone        


Oct '16​
WSL VT Canada

It has been a very, very busy month for us and The WSLVT Allstar Weekend was a huge success! We made history in Canada, and also in the WSL VT family.
Seeing Sifu Philipp Bayer and Sifu Cliff Au Yeung together was a privilege, and seeing them take the stage was mind blowing.
Witnessing these two fine gentlemen recollect on their past history, and experiences they also shared with their time with the Late Great Wong Shun Leung was priceless. We gained so much insight about the man and his character, and also learned the way that he truly thought about Ving Tsun and his method, first hand by 2 of his senior students.
The WSLVT Kuen Hok Association of Canada presented both Sifu Philipp Bayer and Sifu Cliff Au Yeung with Lifetime Achievement Awards in Preserving, Promoting, and Passing on the traditions of the WSL VT Kuen Hok.

We would like to thank Asiatic Sifu for truly making the impossible, possible.
Thanks goes out to team WSLVT Canada for all your hard work with coordinating the event, it would not have been successful without your help!
To our co-presenters, Wing Chun News and Revolution Wing Chun, we thank you for the tremendous support!

To Kevin Gledhill ( USA ) and the WSL PB VT group from New York, Dave van der Poel ( Holland ), Leandro Spina ( Germany ), Frank Heimanns ( Germany ), and all those not mentioned, that traveled long distances to take part of this event, we thank you and are honored to meet our extended family!

pictures will be posted shortly, please keep in tune, and more news to follow.